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Modest co ord sets

Powder Blue Floral Dress Set

Rs. 3,300.00Rs. 2,310.00

Og Orange Co-ord Set

Rs. 3,410.00Rs. 2,387.00

Creative Contrast Co-ord Set

Rs. 3,410.00Rs. 2,387.00

Rosy Red Co-ord Set

Rs. 3,560.00Rs. 2,492.00

Lavender Gardenia Floral Kurti Set

Rs. 3,200.00Rs. 2,240.00

Neutral Floral Dress Set

Rs. 3,300.00Rs. 2,310.00

Earthy Meadow Printed Coord Set

Rs. 3,100.00Rs. 2,170.00

Bold Blue Co-ord Set

Rs. 3,410.00Rs. 2,387.00

Rosewater Floral Cotton Coord Set

Rs. 3,200.00Rs. 2,240.00

In the fashion, a "modest cord set" could refer to a coordinated outfit or ensemble made from corduroy designed with modesty in mind. This means the clothing will likely cover more of the body and be styled in a way that does not excessively emphasize the figure. Corduroy, known for its distinctive ridged texture and durability, is a popular fabric in colder seasons for its warmth and comfort.

A modest cord set might include a long skirt or wide-leg pants paired with a matching corduroy jacket or blouse. The emphasis would be on creating a cohesive look that aligns with modest fashion principles, which often include covering the shoulders, chest, and legs to various extents, depending on cultural or personal standards of modesty.

This type of clothing set would appeal to individuals looking for stylish yet conservative options in the fashion landscape. It combines the unique aesthetic and tactile appeal of corduroy with a commitment to modesty in apparel.

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